Billboard to go

A mobile ad that no one can turn off

Get your message out there!


Billboard To Go is a new mobile advertising option created for small businesses who want to reach large audiences. It fits any budget and objective takes your ad campaign to areas where traditional billboards are unavailable, not allowed or simply too expensive. The possibilities are endless: conventions, festivals, fairs, concerts, daily commutes.

Anywhere our truck can go, your ad can go too.




From Key West to Tampa, our billboard truck can be deployed at the largest traffic intersections in the area as well as games,  shopping centers, high school sporting events or any large gathering of people in any area in South Florida.

Our team can help you design custom routes that enable your advertising campaign to target specific locations and reach peak traffic intervals at different locations depending on the time of the day. 

24/7 advertising

You can choose how many hours your campaign will run per day. One mobile advertising day is normally 8 hours; however, your campaign can run as little as 1 hour and up to 24 hours per day. Our billboard is fully lit so it really stands out at night. Keep your message seen 24/7.


Our billboard is big!  Measuring 10′ x 20′, this large billboard is built to roam and be seen. Whether dominating busy downtown streets or driving the highway during rush hour our billboard gets attention.

OUR DRIVERS CAN help spread the word

Our drivers are enthusiastic people, they will be happy to wear t-shirts and hats with your logo and contact information. Let them hand out your fliers, product catalogs, brochures or promotional items.  They can even hand out product samples and demonstrations.  


Let us help designing and producing the artwork for your billboard campaign.


Daily, weekly, monthly or longer-term contract periods are available with no cancellation fees.

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